Welcome to the Association of Ukrainian Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC-UA), a community dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct among immigration consultants who serve the Ukrainian Canadian population. Our members are committed to providing quality, trustworthy immigration consultancy, and we are always looking to welcome new members who share our values and dedication.

How to Apply for Membership

Joining the RCIC-UA involves a comprehensive process designed to ensure all members meet our strict criteria for professionalism, knowledge, and integrity. Here is a step-by-step guide to our application process:

Step 1: Application Form

  • Submit the Application: Begin by completing the membership application form available on our website. The form requests detailed information about your professional background, experience in immigration consultancy, and specific expertise in Ukrainian Canadian immigration matters.

Step 2: Information Verification

  • Review of Submitted Information: Upon receiving your application, our Membership Committee will conduct a thorough review of all the information and documents you have provided. This includes verification of your professional qualifications, work history, and any certifications or accreditations relevant to immigration consultancy.

Step 3: Contact Two References for Verification

  • Reference Check: As part of our commitment to ensuring the integrity and professionalism of our members, we require two professional references from each applicant. These references should be individuals who can attest to your professional conduct, expertise, and ethical standards in the field of immigration consultancy and community involvement. 
  • Submission of References: Please ensure that your references are aware that they will be contacted by the RCIC-UA Membership Committee and that they are prepared to provide a comprehensive assessment of your professional capabilities and character.

Step 4: Final Decision

  • Committee Deliberation: Once all the above steps have been completed, including the verification of your information and the evaluation of your references, your application will be presented to the Board of Directors for final review.
  • Notification of Decision: You will be notified of the committee’s decision via email. If your application is successful, you will receive a welcome package with detailed information about your membership benefits, responsibilities, and opportunities for involvement within the RCIC-UA.
  • Membership Induction: New members will be formally inducted into the association during our annual meeting, where you will have the opportunity to meet fellow consultants and begin networking within our community.
  • Membership fee: All members of RCIC-UA pay a $250.00 membership fee. The partial annual period will be prorated.

Becoming a member of the RCIC-UA provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to and benefit from a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to excellence in the field of immigration consultancy. We look forward to welcoming new members who are eager to join us in our mission.

For any questions regarding the application process or membership benefits, please contact our Membership Committee at

We are excited about your interest in joining the Association of Ukrainian Canadian Immigration Consultants and look forward to receiving your application.